Restroom, Shower Partitions & Lockers

High density polyethylene sheet engineered to meet the NFPA 286 corner burn test criteria for bathroom partitions

Unmatched Performance. Unmatched Quality. Unmatched Service. 

SIMONA AMERICA Industries has engineered the most effective and code compliant patent-pending HDPE stall partition sheet on the market – SIMOBOARD Defender. Now you can benefit from the advantages of durable solid plastic for bathroom partitions and not have to compromise for compliance.

SIMOBOARD Defender Meets the Test Criteria… Unmodified. 

SIMOBOARD Defender is the first NFPA 286 compliant HDPE commercial stall partition sheet. Not all stall walls are tested to the same standard, and we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure SIMOBOARD Defender meets the code specifications entirely, so that you can be sure that the toilet partitions in your facility meet the most up-to-date fire and safety standards.

Style with Substance in Everything We Do. 

Commercial partitions don’t have to be bland, and you should never have to sacrifice performance, safety, and durability in bathroom stall walls to get colorways that match your design preferences. SIMOBOARD Defender is offered in several dynamic colors. Each color is offered in a dual-sided scratch-resistant matte texture. Custom colors are available with minimum order requirements.

  • SIMOBOARD® Defender NFPA 286 HDPE
  • SIMOBOARD® Divider Class B HDPE
  • BOATBOARD® Cabinet Grade HDPE
  • Polygrain® HDPE



              • Easy to route
              • Maintenance-free and easy to clean
              • Marr and scratch resistant
              • Grades that meet the NFPA 286 corner burn test requirements
              • Solid color throughout
              • Solid polymer composition won't delaminate, rust or dent
              • Uniform color and surface consistency
              • Chemical resistant and safe to clean frequently with strong cleaners
              • Available with SIMOGUARD® antimicrobial technology



              • Toilet partitions
              • Shower dividers
              • Lockers

                    Standard Bathroom Partition Grade Colors

                    • Black
                    • Paisley Black
                    • Blueberry
                    • Slate
                    • Dawn Grey
                    • Linen
                    • Custom Colors

                    View Polygrain color options