Aviation and Transportation

SIMONA AMERICA Group manufactures a wide range of thermoplastic materials for the aviation and transportation industries at our three North American facilities. Our materials are used in applications such as fire truck tanks, refrigeration truck interiors, aircraft interior components, class 8 trucks, RVs, bus parts, and powersport machines. We offer high performance materials that meet each industry’s standards and regulations while producing consistent and reliable materials for use in these applications. 

Our high impact and low temperature resistant  thermoplastics outperform many other materials in applications such as fire truck tanks and refrigerated food transportation trucks.

SIMONA Boltaron, a SIMONA subsidiary, manufactures FAR-rated thermoplastics that are used in the aviation industry for many different aircraft interior components, while SIMONA PMC, another SIMONA subsidiary, specializes in manufacturing thermoplastics used to build Class 8 trucks, buses, RV parts, and powersport machines.

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SIMONA AMERICA Industries Products

  • PE
  • PP-H
  • PP-C
  • SIMONA 2000

SIMONA Boltaron Products

  • 9815N
  • 4330
  • 4350
  • 4205


  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • High and Low Gloss TPO
  • Vinyl/ABS
              • Fire truck tanks and exterior structures
              • Aircraft interior parts
              • Interior and exterior parts for RV, bus, rail and powersports vehicles