Clean drinking water is becoming an ever-more scarce (and thus, ever-more valuable) resource. Although water covers 70% of the planet, readily accessible fresh water suitable for human consumption makes up less than 1% of our global water resources. Around the globe, the demand for water is rising rapidly. Even today, almost a billion people have no access to clean drinking water, and some 2.6 billion people are living without sanitation.

One answer lies in the desalination of seawater. Given the abundance and easy accessibility of seawater, desalination to produce safe water for drinking as well as agricultural and industrial use is a highly attractive prospect. Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly desalination technology such as reverse osmosis will play a major role in this area.

The gap between demand for clean water and available supply is rapidly growing.
SIMONA products comply with strict standards on drinking water piping systems in the US market and are highly resistant to salt water.
SIMONA® pipes and fittings in desalination plants.

SIMONA was quick to enter the market for pipes and fittings for desalination plants that operate according to the reverse osmosis principle. The advantages of our products are obvious: outstanding corrosion resistance, long service life of up to 100 years, very smooth inner surfaces to prevent encrustation and high resistance to salt water.

The market for clean, safe drinking water is expanding around the world, but especially in Asia and North America. For this key market, SIMONA applied for and obtained NSF certification for our pipes and fittings of SIMONA® PPH AlphaPlus and PPR. Our products are therefore compliant with the strict standards applicable to drinking water piping systems within the US market.

In Germany, also, system operators rely on our expertise: SIMONA® PPH AlphaPlus® pipes are installed in water treatment plants designed to reduce the geologically linked uranium content in water, for example, or nitrate and sulphate content by means of partial desalination.