Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics

Our thermoplastic materials are manufactured under rigidly controlled process conditions using certified orthotic grade raw materials. These premium-quality products meet the highest standards applicable for orthotic and prosthetic applications. 

Both prosthetists and orthotists depend on high quality materials that meet the highest standards applicable and are consistent throughout the fabrication process to produce orthotics and prosthetics that improve quality of life and are not harmful to the patient. Through years of development and striving for excellence, SIMONA AMERICA Industries has become a trusted partner for the orthopedic industry for many years.

              • High purity
              • Resistant to sweat, cosmetics, skin creams, detergents and disinfectants 
              • Skin compatibility for safety and long-term reliability
              • Solid and translucent grades
              • Available with antimicrobial technology
              • Chemical resistant for frequent cleaning
              • Long lasting appearance and quality
              • Grades that meet USP Class VI requirements
              • Animal derivative free resin (ADF)
              • Low moisture absorption

              Orthotics and Prosthetics

              • Corsets
              • Final prosthetic sockets
              • Foot/leg orthotics
              • Functional foot orthotics
              • Hand/arm orthotics

              Medical and Pharmaceutical

              • Biocontainer bag transport totes
              • Soak tanks
              • Animal feeding and bedding carts
              • Sterilization trays
              • Carboys

              Laboratory and Exam Room

              • Cabinetry
              • Furniture
              • Shelving
              • Transport trays
              • Overbed tables
              • Hospital bed frames and platforms
              • Fume hoods
              • Viewing windows
              • Clear sneeze guards 
              • Clear reception counter windows and dividers