Polygrain® materials offer the beautiful appearance of wood with the durability and performance advantages of a marine-grade HDPE. Offered in five colors only by SIMONA AMERICA Industries, these materials set the high bar for their combination of long-term performance, durability, appearance and fabrication ease and consistency.

In cabinetry and outdoor furniture applications, this tough, UV resistant sheet withstands long-term exposure to intense sun, salt water and rigorous use. This also makes it ideal for outdoor patio, poolside and marina cabinetry, furniture and accessories. Its impact resistance, FDA compliance, easy-to-clean surface and attractive appearance enhance indoor medical, clinical and laboratory cabinetry as well.

Unlike plywood, Polygrain won’t delaminate, rot or splinter, and its integral colors hide scratches and marring that ruin painted surfaces. Its stain resistance, easy-to-clean matte finish and wide spectrum of integral colors further assure long lasting appearance and functionality.

Areas of Use

  • Patios and outdoor living areas
  • Outdoor cabinetry and storage
  • Outdoor kitchens and dry spaces
  • Landscape architecture
  • Outdoor signs
  • Playground systems
  • Marina architecture and storage


  • High-end woodgrain appearance
  • UV and extreme weather resistance
  • Integral color hides marring, scratches
  • Solid polymer composition won’t delaminate, rot or splinter
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Pool equipment storage boxes
  • Easy to fabricate using standard woodworking tools
  • 100% recyclable

How easy is it to fabricate Polytone materials?

In fabrication, it maintains exceptional flatness and dimensional stability for high production yields and finished part quality. Standard woodworking equipment works well with the material, and fabricators appreciate its advantages especially in thicker gauges for large flat, formed or machined panels.

Fabrication Best Practices

  • Use standard wood- and metal-working equipment
  • Use sharp tools to avoid over-heating
  • Use carbide-tipped tools
  • Factor in thermal expansion and contraction
  • Use screws designed specifically for plastics
  • Use threaded inserts
  • Conduct a pre-production trial
  • Use stainless steel hardware and fasteners



Sheet Sizes

  • 54 x 96 in. (1,372 x 2,440 mm)


  •  1/2; 3/4 in. (12.7; 19.0 mm)


  • Woodgrain finish on both sides