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Cabinetry: SIMONA® CRP-1 Windows: SIMONA® CPVC 2000

Leading the Market for PVC Materials

SIMONA® CRP-1 has been leading the US market in FM 4910 PVC materials for the past 15 years. Alternative PVC materials try to compete against CRP-1 performance and market penetration, but CRP-1 is the brand that OEM’s recognize and trust.


Throughout much of 2018, the SAI team educated multiple fabricators in the US, EU, and Asia markets, by training on key material benefits such as surface dyne and ductility, while performing onsite weld seminars to show why CRP-1 welds easier and faster than competitive materials.

Surface dyne is often overlooked when engineering and designing materials. CRP-1’s low surface dyne offers two distinct attributes:

  1. High gloss is a critical aesthetic aspect of material, especially in a cleanroom environment.
  2. Due to CRP-1’s superior gloss finish, the material provides a very low surface dyne (or surface energy). This translates into increased resistance to particle adhesion and chemical staining. Materials ability to resist particle adhesion is a key factor. In addition, higher surface gloss offers increased color stability.


SIMONA America
Cabinet constructed by welding SIMONA® CRP-1 FM 4910 rated PVC panels with versatile SIMONA® Versarod® welding rod.

Weld seminars (in accordance with AWS and DVS) are an essential, value added service that SIMONA AMERICA Industries provides to OEM’s and fabricators.

SIMONA AMERICA Industries offers a full product portfolio of FM 4910 materials, including our flagship CRP-1 material, our Polypropylene materials FRP-3 and FRPP (FM 4910 and UL V-0 respectively), as well as key fluoropolymers materials such as Kynar® PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE and PFA-M. In addition, we offer several complementary materials such as:

  • Large diameter rod – PP, PVC, PVDF (up to 700mm) – used as wafer carriers
  • Matching weld rod for all materials (CRP-1, FRP-3, etc. using exact formulations)
  • Thick gauge PVC from 1.50” – 4.00”

SIMONA AMERICA Industries also offers a very unique weld rod product called Versarod. SIMONA® Versarod allows CRP-1 to weld to Kynar® PVDF in non-structural applications. This is an excellent alternative to fastening exhaust or draining pipes, or holding bases in place, all without alternative materials. 

Advantages of SIMONA CRP-1

  • CRP-1 has demonstrated better chemical resistance
  • CRP-1 has superior surface appearance, higher gloss and surface smoothness
  • CRP-1 has better resistance to particle adhesion and easier to clean
  • CRP-1 welds faster and easier
  • CRP-1 offers same formula for sheet and welding rod (identical composition)
  • CRP-1 is lighter weight, lower density
  • CRP-1 has higher stiffness, higher flexural modulus
  • CRP-1 has lower thermal expansion and contraction
  • CRP-1 has more reliable resin supply source and is readily available
  • CRP-1 weld rod and sheet are both ductile, which translates to less risk of weld fracture in transportation
  • CRP-1 is priced competitively and outperforms competitive materials at an equal or commonly lower price point

Please contact Chris Art for further information about FM 4910 materials, or to set up a SIMONA Academy event. Email