Restaurants and Hotels 

High end appearance and long term performance make SIMONA HDPE materials ideal for commercial cabinetry in restaurants and hotels. 

The day to day wear and tear of a kitchen or bar can be troublesome for most materials. When it comes to daily cleanings and usage many restaurant cutting boards, food prep stations, and food processing surfaces can warp from the high moisture low temperature environment, SIMONA's cabinet grade HDPE and cutting board materials offer a smooth, matte finish and can be easily cleaned with most cleaning agents. Its stabilized UV material can be handled at colder temperatures and is ideal for the normal wear and tear of the day to day hospitality industry. 

  • BOATBOARD® Cabinet Grade
  • SIMOGUARD® Antimicrobial 
  • HDPE Cutting Board
  • HDPE Cutting Board Lightweight
  • Polygrain®
              • These surfaces that can be cleaned with strong cleaning products and note fade, scratch or crack
              • Durable - can withstand kicks and spills from customers (longer than wood and laminate!)
              • Very nice range of colors that can match the brand of the store
              • Cutting boards
              • Residential and commercial cutting boards
              • Bakery and dunnage racks
              • Food storage shelving
              • Food preparation surfaces
              • Sneeze guards
              • Protective viewing windows
              • Checkout counter barriers
              • Cabinetry for outdoor kitchens that can withstand the elements better than wood
              • Outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables, decorative pieces, shelves, etc.
              • Serving carts and recycling bins