Food and Beverage Processing

We offer a variety of quality materials that are used and trusted in the food and beverage processing industry. 

Due to the strict rules and regulations for safe and clean food preparation stations and surfaces, it is crucial that our materials can withstand heavy use, repel staining, and resist contamination for long periods of time without having to be replaced. Every SIMONA® product is tested for quality and integrity so you can rest assured.

  • SIMONA® HDPE Cutting Board Sheet Brochure
  • SIMONA® HDPE Cutting Board Lightweight Sheet Brochure
  • SIMONA® Low Friction PE Sheet Brochure
  • SIMONA® Low Friction PE Bakery Case Study
  • SIMONA® Polypropylene Copolymer PP-C
  • SIMONA® Polypropylene Homopolymer PP-H
              • Chip and crack resistant
              • Easy-to-clean matte finish
              • Easy to fabricate
              • Extremely durable at low temperatures
              • Incredible abrasion resistance
              • Integral color consistency
              • Lightweight
              • Repels stains and moisture
              • SIMONA® HDPE
              • SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board®
              • SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® Lightweight
              • SIMONA® HDPE Cutting Board
              • SIMONA® Low Friction PE
              • SIMONA® PP-C
              • SIMONA® PVC Type II