BOATBOARD® sets the high bar for its combination of long-term performance, durability, appearance and fabrication ease and consistency.

In boat building components, this tough, UV resistant sheet withstands long term exposure to intense sun, salt water and rigorous use. This also makes it ideal for outdoor patio, poolside and marina cabinetry, furniture and accessories. Its impact resistance, FDA compliance, easy-to-clean surface and attractive appearance enhance indoor medical, clinical and laboratory cabinetry as well.

BOATBOARD is also available in a lightweight grade for up to 25% weight savings. Learn more about BOATBOARD Lightweight.

We own flat.

We're committed to producing the most consistently flat HDPE materials that our fabricator customers can rely on. What does that mean? Flat sheet means safer and more efficient processing times, less scrap, lower labor costs and fewer headaches!

BOATBOARD is a cabinet-grade HDPE that provides excellent rigidity and flatness in fabrication, which means it’s really easy to machine using standard woodworking equipment and keeps its flatness throughout its useful life as a cabinet door or adirondack chair.

BOATBOARD has a scratch-resistant surface finish and gloss level that is preferred by most fabricators and cabinet makers. It’s offered in the industry’s widest range of standard colors and textures and maintains color consistency from order to order.


  • Instrument panels
  • Instrument and control base plates
  • Deck and seating components
  • Doors, hatch and well covers
  • Tables, trim, cabinets
  • Storage and tackle bins
  • Cup and rod holders
  • Step, grab rails


  • Superior flatness compared to other marine grade polymers
  • Reliable color consistency
  • Scratch-resistant texture and matte finish
  • Integral color hides marring, scratches
  • Solid polymer composition won't delaminate, rot or splinter
  • Uniform color and surface consistency
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean
  • Resists impact, extreme weather
  • Easy to fabricate using standard woodworking tools


Standard Colors

  • Polar white; Bright white
  • Dolphin gray; Glacier gray
  • Seafoam; Sandshade
  • Brown; Black
  • Custom colors and sizes on request


Standard Texture

  • Matte 2 sides


Sheet Sizes

  • 54 x 96 in. (1,372 x 2,440 mm)


  • 1/4; 3/8; 1/2; 3/4; 1.0 in. (6.4; 9.5; 12.7; 19.0; 25.4 mm)


  • 1 side