As an economic region, Asia is far from uniform. There are tremendous differences in terms of growth and incoming investment from one country to another. Overall, though, the future looks very bright with economic expansion of 6.5% predicted for the continent until 2019. Per capita consumption of plastics will grow at twice the rate recorded in Europe.

With new industrial production capacity set to spur demand for engineering plastics, the Asian region promises sufficient growth potential for classic SIMONA applications centered around chemical tank and equipment construction. To give an example, China's global share of the chemical market is poised to rise from 29% in 2011 to over 47% in 2030. It is not only growing environmental awareness but also the economic imperative of high energy efficiency that will divert a greater flow of investment towards energy and environmental engineering.

At the same time, intelligent plastics solutions are also being developed for the semiconductor industry in Asia, which is steadily expanding its hold on the share of the world market. This leads to areas of application in which SIMONA has an extensive portfolio of tailor-made products. With this in mind, we are expanding our range of partially and fully fluorinated plastics.

New industrial production capacity is set to spur demand for engineering plastics.
SIMONA focuses on the high-end market for industrial applications in the Asia-Pacific region.
Our SIMONA factory in Jiangmen, China, will be steadily expanded.

Pipes and fittings also have high growth potential in relation to industrial applications, a field in which SIMONA plans to expand its market share aggressively. As one of the very few manufacturers of semi-finished parts also offering pipes and fittings, we intend to take full advantage of our cross-selling potential.

The key will be expert technical advice: this is the factor with the greatest potential to set us apart from the competition. The aim will be to secure technical pre-eminence. At the new Technical Service Centre in China, customers will be advised on the structure and design of tanks and offered assistance when it comes to choosing the ideal material. This is complemented by application-based training using state-of-the-art machinery.