Semiconductor Processing

We manufacture the widest range of FM 4910 sheet, rod, and welding rod in the industry with our SIMONA® CRP-1 CPVC material as the leading material for critical applications. All of our compliant materials are designed to satisfy semiconductor process applications without compromise. 

Semiconductor applications require materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, are ultra-pure, and have high gloss surfaces to repel staining and harmful contaminants. We conduct ongoing research and development on our semiconductor product line to ensure materials meet stringent regulations and code. 

Featuring SIMONA® CRP-1

Our leading-edge material for cleanroom equipment and cabinetry. SIMONA® CRP-1 demonstrates exceptional physical and fabrication characteristics compared to competitive CPVC/PVC materials due to it proven higher chemical resistance, superior gloss level and smoothness, ease of cleanability, weldability and thermoformability.

  • Materials are engineered to resist wet process acids, bases, solvents and oxidizers
  • Material range withstands temperatures from 140 to 425°F (60 to 218°C)
  • Meets FM 4910 and UL 94 V-0 flame test criteria
  • Weld rod available in same resin grades as FM 4910 sheet products
  • PVDF and PP rod diameters available up to 500 mm
  • PVC rod available up to 200 mm
  • Process tanks, vessels, and components
  • DI water systems
  • Cabinetry and view windows
  • Fume hoods, ducting