As a leader in education for chemical process industry (CPI), we understand that solutions are typically delivered through a combination of research, methodology, and at times, trial and error. Research and development initiatives can cost companies time and money. In a fast paced environment, immediate answers and ease of doing business are key.

Through our expertise in chemical resistance, training in AWS and DVS weld standards, and our participation in industry events NACE and DLFA, SIMONA AMERICA Industries continues to learn, to educate and to lead.

In order to exceed customer requirements, our team provides accurate material recommendations based upon chemistry and operating temp, assistance with tank design and weld fabrication, in efforts to maximize service life. 

SIMONA AMERICA Industries (SAI) offers a full product portfolio of olefin and fluoropolymer dual laminate materials, including:

  • PP
  • Kynar® PVDF
  • ETFE
  • PFA-M

These materials are typically sized at .090” x 48” x 600”, and shipped in roll form. SAI also pairs each of these materials with weld rod in round diameter form, as well as cap strip as a custom item.

SAI also plans to stock all Kynar PVDF 740 and Kynar PVDF 2850, ECTFE and PFA-M in .090” (2.3mm) with a polyester back to support immediate market requirements. All other materials, fabric backs (glass back, aramid back) and sizes will be made-to-order. Our HPR extrusion line allows us to maximize line efficiencies with low minimum order quantities.

Kynar PVDF is available in three grades from Arkema: Kynar 740, Kynar 2850, and Kynar 2800.

For further information about our line of dual laminated materials, please contact Chris Art at