SIMONA AMERICA Industries offers three grades of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) sheet for diverse chemical process and semicon wet bench equipment.

SIMONA® PVDF 740 offers higher stiffness and temperature resistance.

SIMONA® PVDF-C 2850 copolymer sheet has more impact resistance and flexibility.

SIMONA® PVDF-HD 2800 flex sheet offers increased ductility and elongation for exceptional resistance to stress cracking.

All grades perform well in many chemical environments and are exceptionally resistant to concentrated acids and ultra-pure water (UPW) even at elevated temperatures.

For weld integrity and compatibility, SIMONA AMERICA Industries manufactures weld rod made from the same resins used in the production of each PVDF grade. All three PVDF grades can also be welded to SIMONA® CRP-1 (SIMONA AMERICA Industries leading FM 4910 white PVC sheet material) using our proprietary weld rod, VERSAROD®.

In critical applications that require the management of aggressive chemicals, safety and reliability are to priorities. That’s why expects at SIMONA® recommend corrosion resistant, high performance PVDF materials extruded from Arkema Kynar® PVDF resins.

SIMONA PVDF Range Data Sheet