What Does 'Ready for Sales Success' Mean to You?

To us, it means you have a solid knowledge of SIMONA AMERICA, SIMONA Boltaron and SIMONA PMC materials and the markets we service. It also means that you feel empowered to act as an extension of us out in the field. To help our distributors reach that 'ready' goal, we've launched our first formal distributor school.

SIMONA AMERICA Distributor School

A training event that consists of product, technical, and sales training. Participants will
gain a fundamental understanding of thermoplastic materials and their applications, experience hands-on
material processing, and participate in role play exercises with the goal of becoming an expert distributor sales representative for SIMONA AMERICA Group.

Plan a visit to SIMONA, or schedule a dedicated training at your facility!

SIMONA Academy Training Programs

  • Ready for Sales Success
  • Value-Added Selling FM 4910 Materials
  • Selling HDPE for Outdoor Furniture
  • Certification in Welding SIMONA Materials
  • SIMONA Boltaron General Thermoforming 101
  • SIMONA PMC Products and Applications




Hands-on training in our modern workshop laboratory.


Industry peers and technical experts will be there to expand your professional network.


Sell at higher margins and build loyal customer bases.