An introduction to the U.S. division of leading global thermoplastics company, SIMONA.

SIMONA® Stock Products Guide

The full range of sheet, rod and welding rod materials manufactured by SIMONA AMERICA Industries.

SIMONA® Cabinetry and Outdoor Furniture Materials Guide

SIMONA® Corrosion Resistant Materials Guide

SIMONA® Semicon Materials Guide

SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® Sheet Brochure

Proven in extreme marine conditions. Maintenance-free integral colors. Long-term durability for boat building components, outdoor and indoor cabinetry.

SIMONA® HDPE Polytone® Sheet Brochure

Exceptional UV resistance in solid and multi-color for playgrounds and outdoor structures

SIMONA® Cutting Board Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® Low Friction PE Sheet Brochure

With a proprietary slip formula integrated directly into the material, the sheet combines slick surface area with UV stability and inherent toughness for increased productivity and long product life.

SIMONA® Low Friction PE Bakery Case Study

SIMONA® Synthetic Ice Sheet Brochure

Super low friction formulation integrated into the polymeric sheet delivers the fastest synthetic ice skating surface available. UV stability and inherent toughness combine for long product life.

SIMONA® CRP-1® FM 4910 Sheet Brochure

Offering exceptional impact strength, chemical resistance and high aesthetic quality, this FM 4910 listed material is idea for semiconductor processing equipment. 

SIMONA® CPVC 2000 FM 4910 Brochure

SIMONA® PVC Type I® Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® PVDF Applications Brochure

SIMONA® PVDF Sheet and Rod Materials Brochure

SIMONA® PVDF 1000 Rod Brochure

SIMONA® FRP-3 PP Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® PFA M 1520 Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® PFA M Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® ECTFE 901 and 902 Sheet Brochure

SIMOLIFE O&P Materials Guide

Product Range for Orthotics and Prosthetics