According to current forecasts, rising demand for air transport within the emerging economies will bring about strong growth in the market for aircraft interiors over the years ahead. For this industry as a whole, business involving commercial aircraft cabin interiors already generated a volume of $12 billion in 2014 - and SIMONA is poised to claim a share of that expansion through the acquisition of Boltaron.

Over recent years, aircraft interiors have emerged as a key competitive factor, as more and more airlines prioritise the aspect of passenger convenience and comfort. Future developments will therefore focus on cabin design, comfortable seating and passenger entertainment systems.

Boltaron, a company based in Newcomerstown in the US state of Ohio, specialises in the manufacture of semifinished thermoplastic parts for aircraft interiors and railways. Given its wide range of process technologies and the leading position it commands within the aviation market, Boltaron will effectively underpin the strategic realignment of SIMONA.

World-leading aircraft seat manufacturers like RECARO Aircraft Seating, B/E Aerospace, and Thompson Aero Seating specify Boltaron sheet products, combining various thermoplastic materials, for components in their aircraft fittings.
SIMONA Boltaron products are distinguished by their outstanding thermoformability, high-quality surface design and variety of colors and structures.

A high level of technical expertise and the speed with which the company realizes ever-changing customer requirements have established SIMONA Boltaron as a sought-after partner to the aviation industry. Combining outstanding thermoforming properties with high impact strength, its products meet the stringent approval requirements for deployment in aircraft. SIMONA Boltaron products are supplied in an extensive range of colors and designs.

The company currently offers more than twenty product groups for mass transport applications. Over the years ahead, we will expand this range by ramping up our research and development activities and thereby consolidate SIMONA Boltaron's leading position in this market segment.