Our thermoplastic products are designed to help meet key challenges of the future - around the globe. Whether aircraft seating components, pipes for desalination plants, baths for electrophoretic painting of vehicle parts, bridge cable sheaths or terrace flooring.

A team of 1,300 SIMONA employees ensures that each application is matched up with the most suitable material, while also being fully focused on developing superior technical solutions and providing the best service imaginable.

Here you can find a brief summary relating to some of the geographical regions and specialist areas covered by our team members. Their activities are representative of the expertise, experience and international reach for which all SIMONA employees are renowned. Together, we are determined to maintain SIMONA's momentum of profitable growth around the globe and move forward in key areas of application centered around mobility, agriculture, construction, chemicals and energy.


Solutions for Aircraft Engineering

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Solutions for the Building Industry

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Solutions for Infrastructure

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Solutions for Corrosion Protection and the Semiconductor Industry

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Middle East

Solutions for Water Supply

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