Semiconductor Materials Guide

The most complete line of Thermoplastic Sheet Materials for the Semiconductor Industry.

Polygrain™ Data Sheet

Polygrain™ is a polymer sheet with a sophisticated wood-like grain and texture that inspires innovation for high-end and heavily used outdoor living spaces.


Rigid HDPE structure with diamond & dot surface texture that offers exceptional surface friction in slippery conditions.

Palm Technology Case Study

JSR and Palm Technology use SIMONA PP-H Eurogrey for Type-II anodized line.

Wafab Case Study

Wafab Uses Wide Range of SIMONA FM 4910 Materials for Wet Benches and Chemical Handling Equipment.

SIMONA® Non-Metallic Market Materials

These materials meet or exceed non-metal flammability requirements for cleanrooms, trace metal, and acid laboratories.


SIMONA® PP-H USP Class VI meets the USP Class VI requirements for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

SIMONA® Polypropylene Homopolymer PP-H

Provides exceptional impact resistance in chemical or corrosive applications.

SIMONA® Polypropylene Copolymer PP-C

Stress crack resistant and is tougher at lower temperatures than PP-H.

BOATBOARD® Cabinet Grade Brochure

UV and weather-resistant polymers for constructing durable and attractive outdoor furniture and cabinetry.

SIMOBOARD Defender NFPA 286 HDPE Partition Sheet

High density polyethylene sheet engineered to meet the NFPA 286 corner burn test criteria for bathroom partitions.

SIMONA® HDPE Cabinet Grade Sheet Brochure

SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® cabinet-grade sheet is ideal for outdoor living applications. Download this guide to view our color and texture options.

SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® Cabinet Grade Data Sheet

Construct beautiful and long-lasting outdoor furniture and cabinetry with SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® cabinet-grade sheet.


Technical Guide on How to Fabricate HDPE and PP Sheet

These fabrication guides will provide information and guidelines on how to ensure a good finish when working with HDPE and PP materials. SIMONA recommends making pre-production trials for each material, tool and condition for best results.

Fabrication Best Practices Guide

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure a proper fit and smooth fabrication process when machining SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® cabinet-grade materials.


An introduction to our leading U.S.-based thermoplastics companies.

SIMONA® Stock Products Guide

Our full range of sheet, rod, and welding rod materials manufactured by SIMONA AMERICA Industries.

SIMONA® Cabinetry and Outdoor Furniture Materials Guide

Tough, maintenance-free HDPE and Polypropylene sheet products that withstand any environment beautifully.

SIMONA® Corrosion Resistant Materials Guide

The industry’s most complete line of chemical-resistant sheets and rods.

SIMONA Academy Welding Seminar Flyer

This comprehensive training course consists of an introduction to polymer chemistry, welding theory, and hands-on hot gas weld training. Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of thermoplastic materials such as PVDF, PP, PVC, and SIMONA® CRP-1 and receive a certificate in welding SIMONA AMERICA materials upon completion.

SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® Sheet Brochure

Proven in extreme marine conditions. Maintenance-free integral colors. Long-term durability for boat building components, outdoor and indoor cabinetry, and much more.

SIMONA® HDPE Boat Board® Lightweight Sheet Brochure

Our popular Boat Board® material in a lightweight version for use in all your outdoor applications, from marine use to cabinetry and furniture.

SIMONA® HDPE Display Board Sheet Brochure

Offers more than 20% weight savings compared to standard PE sheet. Provides lasting durability and uniform appearance for retail displays and sign boards.

SIMONA® HDPE Polytone® Sheet Brochure

Exceptional UV resistance in solid and multi-color for playgrounds and outdoor structures

SIMONA® Cutting Board Sheet Brochure

Durable, easy-to-clean food preparation products and surfaces.

SIMONA® Cutting Board Lightweight Sheet Brochure

Offers more than 20% weight savings compared to standard HDPE sheet. Provides lasting durability, temperature and stain resistance for use in food preparation surfaces and storage areas.

SIMONA® Low Friction PE Sheet Brochure

With a proprietary slip formula integrated directly into the material, the sheet combines slick surface area with UV stability and inherent toughness for increased productivity and long product life.

SIMONA® Low Friction PE Bakery Case Study

SIMONA® Low Friction Sheet was developed to provide an exceptionally fast and smooth surface that requires minimal maintenance.

SIMONA® Synthetic Ice Sheet Brochure

Super low friction formulation integrated into the polymeric sheet delivers the fastest synthetic ice skating surface available. UV stability and inherent toughness combine for long product life.

SIMONA® CRP-1® FM 4910 Sheet Brochure

Offering exceptional impact strength, chemical resistance and high aesthetic quality, this FM 4910 listed material is idea for semiconductor processing equipment. 

SIMONA® Versarod® Weld Rod

This hybrid weld rod is designed specifically for welding SIMONA® CRP-1 to SIMONA® PVDF.

SIMONA® CPVC 2000 FM 4910 Brochure

Exceptional quality. Meets UL 94 V-0, ASTM E-84 and FM 4910 criteria.

SIMONA® PVC Type I® Sheet Brochure

Standard and specialized FR grades for chemical processing, semicon and electrical equipment.

SIMONA® PVDF Applications Brochure

High performance PVDF sheet products for critical applications.

SIMONA® PVDF Sheet and Rod Materials Brochure

Exceptional resistance to acids and ultra-pure water. FM 4910 and UL 94 V-0 flammability test compliance for semiconductor cleanroom and electrical equipment.

SIMONA® PVDF 1000 Rod Brochure

Exceptional resistance to acids and ultra-pure water. FM 4910 listed for semiconductor cleanroom equipment. Wider sheet, larger rod diameters afford fabrication versatility.

SIMONA® FRP-3 PP Sheet Brochure

FM 4910 listed for semiconductor cleanroom equipment requirements. Higher impact strength and rigidity over other flame retardant PP products. Uniform white color.

SIMONA® PFA M 1520 Sheet Brochure

Fabric-backed lining laminate sheet and roll products.

SIMONA® PFA M Sheet Brochure

Exceptional chemical resistance to 425°F (218°C). Meets FM 4910 for semiconductor applications. 48-inch width (1,220 mm) improves fabrication yields.

SIMONA® ECTFE 901 and 902 Sheet Brochure

Exceptional resistance to all chemical groups at elevated service temperatures. High strength and rigidity. 

SIMOLIFE O&P Materials Guide

The SIMOLIFE line of sheet materials represents the most extensive range of products tailored to the specific requirements of the orthopedics industry. Using certified orthotic-grade raw materials and rigid manufacturing controls, we manufacture premium-quality products that meet the highest standards applicable within the healthcare sector.