Protect a product’s surface against bacterial odors and staining with our full line of polymer materials treated with an EPA-approved antimicrobial additive. SIMOGUARD® technology can be applied for a wide variety of applications.

How does it work?

SIMONA materials with SIMOGUARD technology contain a proprietary, EPA-registered antimicrobial ingredient that inhibits the growth of microorganisms* that cause product degradation, staining or odors. The antimicrobial is integrated throughout the entire sheet. This leads to a cleaner looking surface over time.

Cutting Board

Put the material to work in addition to the dishwasher with cutting board materials in standard and lightweight HDPE, as well as PP for advanced chemical and temperature performance.

Retail Displays

Design retail displays, customer checkouts, touch-point areas and sneeze guards with Lightweight BOATBOARD® HDPE sheet.

Medical Shelving and Storage

Install added protection to healthcare facility surfaces that will control the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew through the lifetime of the treated material on top of important regular cleaning practices.

Bathroom Partitions and Lockers

Enhance HDPE panels for added performance in high-use restrooms.

Cabinetry and Furniture

Take cleanliness to the next level for HDPE cabinets and chemical-resistant furniture, while still benefiting from exceptional flatness, impact, and UV resistance.

Playground Equipment

High-touch playground surfaces in public parks and schools can be optimized with colorful Polytone® sheet with SIMOGUARD additive technology.

In clean-critical applications, step-it-up!

Take the existing great benefits of SIMONA polymer materials, such as their impact and chemical resistance, to the next step with added protection from our advanced SIMOGUARD technology.

SIMOGUARD antimicrobial properties are intended to protect SIMONA® thermoplastics from degradation due to mold, bacteria and fungi and do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, or other disease-causing microorganisms. Always follow proper cleaning practices with this product.