Are you looking for interesting and varied work? Would you like to take on responsibility within an international company? Have you been searching for a place where you'll make a difference?


SIMONA AMERICA prides itself on its flat management structure and pleasant atmosphere. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their own work, which fosters confidence and trust. At every level of the company, we strive to promote fairness in our dealings with each other and a strong common identity. To reinforce our strong team spirit, we hold regular staff events. Aggressive rivalry has no place here at SIMONA AMERICA. We want all our employees to work together and trust each other. We are proud to say many of our colleagues stay with us for 25 years and longer.

What makes us different? Our commitment to our goals and the sheer enthusiasm with which we pursue them. That momentum drives the company forward and we'd love to have you join us.


SIMONA AMERICA is characterized by an incredible sense of community. Our employees spend a lot of time together, and it's not at all unusual to see personal ties develop between colleagues and even with our customers. In fact, we encourage these ties by organizing events all over the world, including office parties and family days. These events are organized by employees, for employees. We are united as a team and strive to create a true "work home" for everyone.

We also care immensely about our employees' health. Our in-house "SIMOfit" program includes workplace assessments, preventive courses, fitness days and lots more. SIMONA AMERICA is also a family-friendly company with opportunities for flexible working. Join us!


SIMONA AMERICA is a financially solid employer. In recent years, our financial results have shown a consistent upward trend. Every year we set ourselves ambitious new targets and meet them.

We offer a range of secure and future-proof jobs. Whenever possible, we recruit internally for senior technical and managerial positions. You can find a lucrative career path for yourself among our growing team.

As well as a share in the company's profits (EBIT), employees qualify for attractive benefits such as holiday bonuses and pension plans.

And as a global firm, we are very keen on professional development and can offer temporary work assignments (secondments) to other countries. We're constantly looking to improve and we value the knowledge of all our employees.


Your talent. Our future.

At SIMONA AMERICA, we take professional development seriously. Training opportunities are open to all our employees. We expect a lot from our team and provide a good deal of support to make sure no one is left behind. We organize in-house and external training depending on our employees' needs. The list of in-house courses available includes market and product development courses, English language courses, and MS Office courses. Training can also be arranged in areas such as project management and intercultural skills. In addition, SIMONA AMERICA offers a wealth of individual training opportunities and arranges both time off and financial support.

We aim to recruit internally for senior professional and managerial positions. To this end, SIMONA AMERICA has established its own Talent Promotion Circle. This program consists of a series of modules and is designed to prepare employees with the necessary commitment for positions of responsibility in professional or managerial roles. Senior employees are given regular training to develop their personal and managerial skills. SIMONA AMERICA has won several awards in recognition of its commitment to staff development.