SIMONA AMERICA Industries offers a full product portfolio of semicon market materials.

Our complete line of semicon market sheet has proven effective in a number of applications from chemical resistance, high impact resistance and even clear materials for high visibility. All sheet and rod products are backed by SIMONA AMERICA Industries technical application and fabrication support unparalleled in the industry.

Semicon material range includes:

Plus rod and welding rod:

  • Weld rod available in same resin grades as FM 4910 sheet products
  • PVDF and PP rod diameters up to 500 mm
  • PVC rod available up to 200 mm

Proven in all wet process applications:

  • Process tanks, vessels and components
  • DI water systems
  • Cabinetry and view windows
  • Fume hoods, ducting
  • Automated and semi-automated parts cleaners
  • Chemical cabinets/chemical carts

Material benefits:

  • Resists wet process acids, bases, solvents and oxidizers
  • Withstands temperatures from 140 to 425°F (60 to 218°C)
  • Several grades that meet FM 4910 and 
  • UL 94 V-0 flame test criteria

Satisfy Semiconductor Process Applications

Fluoropolymer sheet for severe process environments in tanks, vessels and machined parts

SIMONA AMERICA Industries PVDF, E-CTFE and PFA-M fluoropolymer sheet materials provide resistance to all process chemistries up to 425°F (218°C). Their uniform high gloss surface repels process contaminants, and they afford consistency in fabrication. All materials, including PFA-M are available 48 inches materials including PFA-M are available 48 inches (1,220 mm) wide for optimum fabrication yields. 

Rod diameters to 19 inch (48 cm) open new applications for machined components

SIMONA AMERICA Industries now offers PVDF and polypropylene homopolymer rod up to an unprecedented 19.7 in. (500 mm) in diameter. This exceptional size range opens new applications for larger machined components in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. SIMONA® flame-rated rod products also include PVC Type I in diameters up to 8 inches (200 mm).

Exceptional impact resistance and aesthetics for cleanroom cabinetry and enclosures.

For a higher level of impact resistance plus high quality appearance, SIMONA AMERICA Industries developed two unique FM 4910 listed materials: SIMONA PVC Type I CRP-1, and FRP-3 polypropylene. SIMONA clear tinted CPVC also affords exceptional optical quality for view windows. White CPVC and standard impact PVC Type I VS-1 complete this versatile FM 4910 product range.

Weld rod made from sheet resins, plus hybrid rod for PVDF-to-PVC welds

For weld integrity, weld rod made from the same resin grade is available and used to produce each of its FM 4910 sheet products. In addition, a proprietary SIMONA AMERICA Industries hybrid weld rod allows welding of PVC Type I CRP-1 to PVDF.

Typical Applications

These are proven uses for SIMONA materials in semiconductor equipment manufacturing applications.

Chemical Process Tanks


Process Tanks and Components


Process Tanks Components


Machined Process Components


Etch Tanks


Valve Box and Sight Windows

SIMONA® 2000 Clear CPVC

Cabinet Enclosures


Chemical Mixing Unit